This website was created by the family and friends of Michael Beiter Jr. for the purpose of achieving justice for Mike, securing his rightful freedom, and getting him home to his children (whom he’s been separated from for 12 long years) and the rest of his life.

Even if Michael did commit the crimes for which he was tried and sentenced  —  and we and many others believe the evidence clearly shows that he is NOT guilty  —  a jail term of 35 years for non-violent activity that violates IRS statutes should be considered, by any fair person, to be cruel and unusual punishment.  Michael was offered a plea deal that would have allowed him to be free within two years, but to secure this he would have had to bear false witness against himself, and he was unwilling to do so.  If the prosecution was fine to let this man back on the streets in two years, then why hold two trials for a total of 35 years?!

Michael certainly could have handled himself better when in court, and during 11 years in Federal Prison he has done a lot of soul searching and repenting.  We all recognize that he is a much better person than he was before this ordeal.  Michael is the first to admit his mistakes and to apologize, and he does so publicly in the pages of this website.  But justice in the U.S. legal system is supposed to be based on evidence, not on personality.  The cases against Michael were clearly vendettas by individuals in government agencies greatly abusing their power (aka the Deep State Swamp), and not properly conducted legal proceedings.  This website is filled with the evidence to prove it.

Please help gain Michael Beiter his rightful freedom.  Please help bring him home to us. 

Thank you!