My family and friends asked me to write a bio about myself for this website. I guess sharing by background is appropriate so you can get to know me some personally, in addition to hearing the evidence of my case.

I’ll be brief, as in a lot of ways it’s pretty normal, well except for the prison part…


I was born in 1969, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where I spent most of the next 40 years. My parents, Michael and Michele, married very young; I am the middle child, with an older sister (Jamie), and a younger sister (Kellie).

My youth was hard for me in many aspects. My dad worked his butt off to keep food on the table, and my mom stayed home with three young children, doing her very best, and being so young herself.  My parents are the best.  I love them a lot.

Over the past several years, there has been much healing in the core of our family, and I am grateful for that.  As a boy however, I was very sensitive.  I felt things deeply, both pain and joy.  Oddly enough, I became extremely outgoing, though very unsure within.  I was always unsure of life.   It’s purpose, and my purpose in and for it.  I tried to make up for it by always trying to impress in the external world; the one outside of my personal thoughts.  Clothes, hair, my words – all intended to say, “I’m secure.”  I wasn’t. I kept going though. I had too. Popularity seemed like it could fulfill.  Something had to, right?

I never found what I was looking for, so perhaps college would do it.  I left home after high school and decided to try it on my own.  I never actually did much of the school part, but the social events seemed to be what inspired me.  More external things that seemed to satisfy.  I was busy having fun, so why think about a purpose for it all?

If you had known me then, you would have said things like, “life of the party,” “witty”, and even “a trip.”  You would have never got to know the real me though (it would take prison for me to find that.)  So college came, and college went; and yes, I actually got my two-year degree.   But after that, I could no longer bear the life, so I returned back to my hometown.

I decided to go to Chef School, and went the route of an apprenticeship at the Westin Hotel.  I bought my first condo, and living on my own, paying my bills, and by all means, “making it.”  It wasn’t true though.  The quest for purpose caused me to delve into a world of drugs and fornication, and this, eventually leading me to the truth within, that there seemed to be no real purpose at all for life.  You just live, do the best you can, and then die, right?

Suffice it to say, this caused me to dead end in life.  A crossroads if you will.  It’s been said, “Get busy living, or get busy dying,” and that was the attitude that came over me.  I won’t reiterate what is told on this website, but only say here, that faith in My Creator became a very powerful thing in my life.  I found my purpose in Him, and it brought peace. At least that’s what it felt like at first.

Everyone in church seemed so happy.  So settled within.  I wasn’t there long, when I met Donna.  Donna caught my attention from the moment I saw her, and I was bound to make her my wife.  Having been an expert in the external things by then, I pulled out all the stops to get her to see it my way.  She did, and we got married not long after our first date.

Our children came quickly.   We have four. Michaiah, our oldest son, Joshua our second born, then Saige our oldest daughter, and finally Eliana, our youngest.  Donna and I never really had time to explore each other and formulate a solid foundation, and with four children, time was no longer ours.  We made it through, but it was supposed to be more than that.  You don’t get married to make it through. Expectations are dangerous.  I know that now.   Love has so much more to offer than what we allowed.  I still had not found that peace inside.

Since my arrest, I have not been able to say much to my children about it, as I have been moved more than 13 hours away from them, and even so, they don’t know why it happened either.    I try to parent as best I can, via Corrlinks email, phone calls, letters, and the occasional visit.  They’re confused and hurt. I guess we all are.


I will end with this…

I know my purpose now, the reason for my life.

I’m here to tell my children it matters. Every word, every day, every hope, every dream. Life matters. Life is good. Life is worth living.

I thank Yahweh (the LORD) every day for my life, and I thank Him that I can help my children find their purpose for living, even though they’ve had to grow up without me.

Thanks for reading about me. I appreciate it.

I have peace today.  Imagine that!

For the first time in my life, I have peace.

And now I’d really like to finally go home.

Michael David Beiter Jr.