FBI Cover-Up


Two Cases, aptly named “Beiter 1” and “Beiter 2.”


The attached evidence file contains only a small portion of overwhelming evidence that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a malicious targeting and prosecution by the IRS and several other Federal agencies.

Case one (Beiter 1) 0960202-CR-COHN/SELTZER, and Case two (Beiter 2) 11-CR-60273-WPD, both having the same IRS agents and the same prosecutors; this being ever so crucial as:

“Crime vitiates everything which springs from it.” Maxim of Law – Henry v. Bank of Salina, 5 Hill (N.Y.) 523, 531.

It is very important to note that this bulk of evidence is only a small portion of the overwhelming amount of exculpatory evidence available. The entirety of evidence posted on this site, is approximately only 60% of the total evidence, but it’s enough.

Pages 36-64 are the crux of the fraud and perjury committed by Michelle Lavoro, of the IRS, and Bertha Mitrani, of the United States Attorneys Office. What was an overwhelming amount of fraud and perjury, purposely fed to an unknowing Grand Jury, is what three Federal Appellate Judges were made notice of (pgs. 1-2).

As the evidence shows, the three Appellate Judges recommend the FBI as the appropriate investigative agency (pg. 3). The FBI, that is previously implicated by the vast amount of evidence in the “Exculpatory Evidence” file, once again, purposely averts the “Legal Notice,” recommended by three Federal Appellate Judges by titling it a “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)” request. This blatant ignoring of the “Legal Notice” (pages 6-34) is one of multiple attempts by the FBI to aid the IRS in the massive targeting against myself and multiple other parties.

Ask yourself how a “Notice” and a “FOIA” have anything to do with one another? I was clearly making statements of fraud, perjury, coercion, conspiracy and the like, not making a “FOIA” request.

Please notice page 34, as this is directly linking Beiter 1 and Beiter 2 together through the parties noticed. As you will see as you look at further exculpatory evidence, Judge William P. Dimitrouleas not only is noticed as well, but like all others, he deliberately conceals the fraud, perjury, and multiple other crimes, by the IRS and the U.S. Attorneys Office.


Case Evidence (files)