“Michael, I do not know how you know all of the things that you implemented, but it is extremely powerful. The problem is that you have pissed off some very powerful people in Washington and they are going to make sure you don’t succeed.”  My response to this was, “I have known this since 2004, I am glad someone else acknowledges it as well.”


Details 1: Case Background

(This was originally written in 2013, when I was a much-different person with a much-different heart.  The facts remain the same, but as I state on this website in the section titled “So Rightly Wrong:  A Public Apology”, I have changed.  If you sense any unrighteous anger or vindictiveness in this, that is why, and that is now past.)


I have been falsely imprisoned for eleven years… for the crimes committed against me.  Why has it taken so long to get to this point, specifically when exculpatory evidence should have never allowed any of it to happen?

Again, due to others being harmed, it will be “strictly the facts,” yet, I can share treasured knowledge I have received in the crucible. The mind of my Father in heaven, He who created the concept called “love,” states, “Love holds no record of wrongs.”

It was not until February of 2012, that this reality pierced my very being. The Holy Spirit spoke to me loud and clear. “Michael, have I not told you to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you?”

Of course, I could only answer “Yes.” “So what is all of this evidence you have against those who have maliciously harmed you,” the Spirit spoke. “It is a proof that they committed crimes against me and many others,” I said. “Are you willing to give it all up to me?” said the Spirit.

Those words resonated in my entire being for weeks. What was the Spirit of God asking of me? What did it all mean? Was I supposed to simply forget the seven years I was hunted down like some beast?

All that I invested, both emotionally and financially, are simply invisible now? After about two weeks of intercession and fasting, I told the Father, “I can see how having all of this evidence against certain parties can be seen as, holding a record of wrongs.

I know love cannot permit such Father, but I forgave everyone long ago. I have no malice towards any man or woman.” “So what’s left then Michael is the “why.” “Why did you gather all of this evidence in the first instance and many years there after,” the Spirit again spoke. What instantly poured out of me Father was fear of men.

I kept my records out of fear of man and that simply meant that I did not trust you to protect my entire being.” As soon as the words flowed out, I knew he had completed the process within me. My complete inner healing is what opened the door to Onebigcoverup.com. It could have never been achieved had I still not confessed my disbelief in my creator, and its intent now, is done in complete love.

How so? How can I “hold no record of wrongs,” yet, build such a public site? This is simply accountability. It’s a road map to peace. If wickedness chooses wrath, we, by the Spirit, will force peace upon them. Proverbs 17:6, “When man’s ways please the Father, he shall make his enemies at peace with him.”


The Background:

it was about February of 2002 that I felt a calling inside my mind. I had been working at Bell South as a facility technician for about three years. As a newlywed with a third child on the way and recent purchase of our first house, the job was security for my family.

Full medical, dental, and unlimited overtime, had a lot of appealing draw to it. A voice, I now know as my Father’s Holy Spirit, kept whispering to me. “Is this what I created you for a 30 year union job?”

At first it seemed to be a nagging spirit. I was thirty-two years old and knew I would be making close to $100,000 a year by the age of thirty-five. With all the benefits and a six-week vacation package, it was an internal battle. Our conversations with my good friend Dr. Jeff Hazim often lead to our discussing a company we could form together- one that could be very complicated, but very lucrative, if done right.

Dr. Jeff had been in Chiropractic for over a dozen years at the time, and he explained all of the laws and regulations regarding car accident victims in Florida. I was amazed that Florida law allowed $10,000 per person, as a personal insurance coverage, for auto accidents. The $10,000 was granted to each and every insured driver, as money allocated for medical treatment, brought on by car accidents.

I soon learned that lawyers and chiropractors were infatuated with the $10,000 per person as well. What Jeff and I discovered was that there were also very strict laws regarding the proselytizing of the accident victims. The Florida Bar in particular had very stringent guidelines to regulate attorneys.

What it all boiled down to was that in order for an attorney to get to an accident victim immediately, it could only be through a newspaper ad that the victim might see. In my mind, I then started creating my first newspaper publication. The big key would be submitting my idea to the Florida Bar and getting their opinion. If they approved the idea, my new career was going to begin in a newspaper.

I had no idea how, yet, I felt the calling. About forty-five days after submitting my writing to the Bar, I received their response. “If,” I adhered to everything my business planned stated true the Bar had no issues with my idea. It was a huge slice of confidence and CAVA of America (Car Accident Victims Advocates) was born. Now all that needed to be done was to start a weekly newspaper that would be available at local stores throughout Palm, Dade, and Broward counties, in the hopes of reaching the public.

The little fact that every accident report in those three counties would be paid for allowing for a newspaper to be directly delivered to each victim if they had Bar approval as well.

To state the enormity of the task would still do it no justice, yet, we began. The gist was that we could charge an attorney around $10,000 per month for a half page ad in the paper (a paper going directly to every accident victim in the three counties). It was an easy sell, and with Florida Bar approval, a gold mine. I took huge risks to fulfill this dream, which in the end, came to about $400,000 in debts.

And then disaster came. So much publicity was gained by our endeavor, this meaning that attorneys where constantly contacting the Florida Bar, to affirm the writing I held, with their approval. Without any notice, the Bar reversed their approval and put out a memo to all operating in those three counties stating they had changed their opinion. CAVA was done. No attorney would touch our paper and most chiropractors shunned us as well. No newspaper. No Bell South. No income. $400,000 in debt. A family.



Only a normal person would second-guess the voice that started all this. Was I crazy? Was I really in my Fathers will? Of course, much prayer and fasting ensued. How would I ever rebound from this? Isn’t everything from God supposed to work out perfectly?

One of CAVA’s main contributors was a man named Jerry whom I met through a close personal friend. From previous conversations, I knew Jerry was and had been a very successful businessman in his life. In his mid fifties, I appreciated his business knowledge and commitment to my family’s well being. Jerry knew that I was in financial trouble and he had some very powerful tools to guide me through the entire dilemma.

Through prayer and supplication, I flew out of town to attend a seminar Jerry was holding. Specifically, the seminar was about the truth about money and finances in America. To say that the seminar and the information I gathered would change my entire existence is easily proven by my current state.

It behooves me to state at this time that what I learned that weekend has become deeply embedded into the fabric of my being. The very foundation of truth that started back in 2003 is what I suffer for now in 2012. Let there be no doubt that what I believe, I can prove with laws and facts.

There is no fluff to its substance, and being unlawfully imprisoned is the best way to test someone’s belief system; I stand firm in mine. Aside from the law and facts, and as important, is the story of my first hand experience in implementing the truths I believed and still believe in. It would be exhausting at this point to attempt to explain my beliefs, but as it was with me, might I encourage you to order, “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” by G. Edward Griffin. That should help you get a quick glimpse of some truths that have been hidden from America as a whole. This is where the crux of a very personal vendetta would be born against me.

What it boils down for me, was a commercial remedy, upheld by every law I could get my hands on, that would allow me to completely wipe out the $400,000 of obligations, and far beyond that. I would also learn the specific and powerful forms of laws (commercial, statutory, and common) that would allow me to stand behind everything I was doing, if in fact it were challenged in court, I was 100% convinced that what I had learned was 100% truthful, and most certainly I was convinced the true knowledge was a gift from my Father in heaven had given to me.

Backing up a few years in time, there is another quick story that need now be told. It was in the fall of 2000 that I was in my home, building a table for my family. That still small voice that guides me called me outside to the patio. It was the first time in my six years as a believer that I heard an audible voice speaks to me. “You will start a ministry called Double-Edged Sword Ministries.” That was it.

Though clear and precise, those were the only words I was given. Of course, every word that comes from the mouth of I AM, is a word fulfilled. Suffice it to say, two seminars later, and I met the man who would structure Double-Edge Sword Ministries. For almost two and half years, I would have the ministry corporately formed, with no earthly idea why. Then came CAVA and its woes.

The knowledge I gained from Jerry and other great men brought a whole world of new realities to my doorstep. As I said earlier, an exhaustive detail of my actions is forthcoming with every document necessary to prove up my words, but for now, and as for “what” I did, I will simply tell the story. CAVA, having been strategically snuffed out, and being the cause for all of my debtor-ship, caused a need for a solution. It was at this time that the still small voice whispered again. “Double Edge Sword Ministries” is now birthing. It was clear to me that my newfound knowledge would not only remedy my situation, but be a guide, a lifeline, for many others as well.

To express it in the simplest terms, there are many available outlets that are offered in commerce to discharge obligations (those things we call “debts”). My studies opened up this new world to me and allowed me to satisfy not only the $400,000 that CAVA caused, but also credit cards, mortgages, and the like. It is important to state that while I was producing the material to discharge all of my obligations, I was notifying the local sheriff, the governor, and the Secretary of the Treasury of my every move. Everything was being sent to each of these administrations not only to inform them that I was using my rightful remedies but that they themselves had a legal obligation to help me with the processes.

There is no need to wonder if my notices were not clear and precise, as they were exact copies of the work I was doing, and certified mail with green return receipts, insured the delivery of my work to these three respective agents. As the story unfolds, this will be a huge indicator of my complete innocence against charges brought against me, activities done in complete daylight with not a thing to hide.

My success in my newfound endeavor was truly seen as a gift from my Father in heaven. I was having such success in what I was doing, that I decided that Double Edge Sword Ministries is something that was divinely structured to go and help the people in need, as I recently had been in need.

By every account, Double-Edge Sword Ministries was going to be a financial based Consulting Ministry that would help those in need of services regarding both public debt and legal matters. To say that the knowledge I learned granted me a precise and clear understanding of the public laws as they were structured, would be understatement. Only months into my ministerial endeavor much fruit would be born in the lives of other people. There was not a day that would go by that I would not hear things like, “Praise God Mike, the wisdom He has given you for this is beyond measure.”

Professionals in both the legal and financial realms praised God for the knowledge of the things I was able to understand. Yes indeed, I had many meetings with licensed professionals, as I was excited to share my God given talents.

Many saw me as competition and behaved as such. Some quickly collaborated with me and my efforts. Others chastised it all together, truth being told, they could not grasp it. Some had been trained by institutions and the paradigm shift that Double-Edge Sword Ministries brought, was simply too much for them to handle.

The Ministry soared. Within the first year of the commencement, we had achieved status throughout the country and believe it or not, even internationally. From CEO’s to entrepreneurial mavericks, people wanted my opinions on legal and financial matters. I was ecstatic at the results of our work, and believed this would be the calling of my life’s work, and then a new reality.

It is important to note that the work of the ministry was never done in ignorance. The commercial, statutory and common law method, we had studied and applied, did not lone without its foes. It would be fair and correct to state that our methods were widely uncommon to mainstream society, and in many cases considered against the grain of the masses. This never deterred me and the now twelve employees of DESM, because we knew we had a truthful, lawful and powerful solution for those who would choose our services.


Grand Jury Subpoena:

It was not until early 2004 that I learned who would have the biggest problem with the ministries endeavors. I state to you again, all of our remedies were and continue to be legal, lawful and foundationally-sound and I was about to learn that this was in fact our problem, not our advantage.

A fellow associate walked into my office in 2004 and asked to speak with me privately. A subpoena to a grand jury had been convened and CAVA of America (CAVA), Double-Edge Sword Ministries (DESM) and the name MICHAEL DAVID BEITER JR, were named as those causing the grand jury. I cannot say I was floored at what I was staring at as our successes in stopping court proceedings and wiping out debt obligations was certainly effecting other licensed professions.

It would have been ignorant for us to believe we would not have our detractors, but a Grand Jury, surely this absurdity could be solved immediately. All of the documents needed to support my story are marked under the “Exculpatory Evidence” file.

My immediate inclination was to contact both the Grand Jury and the U.S. Attorney’s office and set up a meeting to discuss what in fact had prompted the Grand Jury. I was certain we would come to an immediate solution as all of DESM’s work was in the public, and for public consumption.

Again, there was no one hiding in dark corners attempting shady business. What I soon found out is that the U.S. Attorney’s office would not be interested in a solution. As the exculpatory evidence clearly reveal, they would only be interested in a vendetta that would reach all the way from Washington D.C. and beyond.

To this day in 2020 I still have not received my answer… to who is carrying out their vendetta. I can only repeat the words of an agent of the Public Defender’s Office, spoken to me right before the first trial, aptly named “Beiter 1” by the perpetrators. “Michael, I do not know how you know all of the things that you implemented, but it is extremely powerful. The problem is that you have pissed off some very powerful people in Washington and they are going to make sure you don’t succeed.” My response to this was, “I have known this since 2004, I am glad someone else acknowledges it as well.”


Case Summary:

Below is a summary of my case, and within it I do “name names”.  I originally prepared this summary in 2013 with the desire to get not only justice, but also retribution.  No longer.  There is no going back, and truth be told I have long forgiven all of these people.  The only reason I “name names” is because it was actual people, not just a system, that did this to me and my family, and in order to prove my legal innocence I must present actual evidence, not just stories, and so I do.   That said, I am to blame for how I vilified those who persecuted me, treating them as wicked and even irredeemable by God.   On the “So Rightly Wrong” page in the About section of this website, I publicly apologize to the “United States Government and All of its Agents” for the way that I acted improperly throughout this whole ordeal.   I pray that they all forgive me.

There is no need for me to explain every document contained within the exculpatory evidence that proves what I state below to be true.   I will simply state facts and let the evidence speak for itself.


1. Never did I, nor have I to this day in 2020, knowingly and willfully commit any criminal acts, as defined by the United States of America;

2. All of my actions since the beginning of the first Grand Jury are overwhelmingly supported by the laws of the United States of America;

3. I made more than 100 attempts to meet with one or more of the following parties; the United States Attorney’s Office, the Governor, the Attorney General, the FBI, the Office of the Inspector General, the Post Master, Congressman Cliff Stearns, more than 100 Senators, the IRS and more. No one would meet with me to discuss “why” Grand Juries had formed, due to my supposed criminal acts;

4. Assistant United States Attorney Bertha Mitrani supported and covered up illegal acts perpetrated by Darci Smith, CID for the IRS;

5. Darci Smith and several of her cohorts committed the following crimes;

Mail Fraud


Witness Tampering

Violations of Oath of Office

More than Twenty Violations of Congressional Law


Lying to the Grand Jury;

Deliberately Concealing Material Information from the Grand Jury

Committing Perjury while Under Oath;

Multiple Other Crimes

6. Jed Silversmith, Attorney out of Washington D.C., Supported and covered up illegal acts by both Bertha Mitrani and Darci Smith;

7. R. Alexander Acosta, United States Attorney (now retired) as well as other servants in the United States Attorney’s Office, conspired to support Bertha, Jed and Darci;

8. Attorney General Bill McCollum conspired to cover up the crimes committed by Bertha, Jed, Darci, and others;

9. Congressman Cliff Stearns of Ocala conspired to cover up the crimes committed by Bertha, Darci, Jed and others;

10. Post Master John (Jack) Potter (no longer Post Master), conspired to cover up crimes committed by Bertha, Jed, Darci and others;

11. William Bordley and other officials with “Freedom of Information,” failed and refused to answer multiple Freedom of Information Act requests, demanded by me;

12. Kenneth Kaiser, a top IRS official, conspired to cover up and conceal crimes perpetrated by his underling, Darci Smith;

13. My local Sheriff, Attorney General, and Governor sent everything I was participating in with certified mail. I notified at least three “law” officials every time I produced work, which I was later charged and indicted for. This fact was hidden from four Grand Juries. It took four to get an indictment;

14. Many of the original copies that I sent to the Sheriff, Attorney General and Governor were sent back to me stating things like, “We have no place to file these.”

15. Several Grand Jurors sat on more than one of the four Grand Juries;

16. Many of my friends, business partners, and family members were threatened, physically and mentally, by Bertha Mitrani, Darci Smith and Michelle Lavoro, Darci Smith’s replacement. Ms Lavoro also conspired to support Bertha Mitrani by violation of her Oath of Office, lying while under sworn oath, violating over twenty Congressional laws and more;

17. All my attempts to appear before the Grand Jury were hidden from the Grand Jury;

18. Exculpatory evidence that would clearly exonerate me was concealed from the Grand Jury by Bertha Mitrani, Jed Silversmith and Darci Smith. Later, Michelle Lavoro would also participate;

19. Mail Fraud was committed by the United States Attorney’s Office;

20. The United States Post Office covered up crimes committed by Bertha, Jed and the United States Attorney’s Office;

21. The Office of the Inspector General covered up crimes by Bertha, Jed and the United States Attorney’s Office;

22. Both the Florida and Washington Bars covered up crimes committed by Bertha, Jed and the United States Attorney’s Office;

23. I was beaten and accosted by eight United States Marshals, prompted by the FBI and Magistrate Judge Snow;

24. Multiple other crimes.

If only half of what you have read is true, do you have cause to be concerned for your future? Your children’s future? I remind you, it’s all true. The next part of the story, coming soon, will detail my arrest and trial deemed “Beiter 1,” by the perpetrators.


Part 2: The Arrest, Detention, and “Beiter 1” Trial