I was hauled against my will into an SUV with two of the agents who claimed to be United States Marshals working with the Internal Revenue Service. I asked them to show me a legitimate warrant, but no paperwork whatsoever was provided to me.


Details 2: The Arrest, Detention, and “Beiter 1” Trial

(originally written in 2013)

On March 15, 2009, I was standing on the side lawn of a friend’s house, his two young daughters nearby, when three unmarked vehicles ascended upon his house. Five to six men and women, in full riot gear and weapons pointed at all of our heads, kidnapped me from my friend’s house. I was hauled against my will into an SUV with two of the agents who claimed to be United States Marshals working with the Internal Revenue Service. I asked them to show me a legitimate warrant, but no paperwork whatsoever was provided to me.

I was taken to the Broward County Jail, where I was then subjected to a booking process that took around seven hours. During those seven hours, employees of the Broward Sheriff Office (BSO) harassed and mocked literally every person being booked. The total amount of work for the actual booking took around thirty minutes, yet, it was openly discussed among the BSO employees that the process was intended to “break” a person even while presumed innocent. The “dinner” given during booking was two pieces of stale white bread, a small tube of peanut butter and two small packets of corn syrup and crackers. Water was distributed about every two hours, one cup per person.

After booking, I was taken to what is called the “transient” room. A supposed “Federal Prisoner,” I was not to be mixed with State Prisoners and the response by BSO employees was, “Sue us then.” The transient room was a disgustingly dirty room, with approximately nine cells. Each cell was meant for one man, as there was only one bed, yet, four men were forced into each cell, to sleep on the floor around the only toilet in the cell. No towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste or shower was provided on the first night, nor the whole second day and night.

The lights in the cell are extra bright halogen and they were left on twenty four hours a day. Again, the idea of sleep deprivation was openly discussed among BSO employees, as well as the sixty degree temperature. The mats that were given to sleep on had grime, sweat and fecal matter on them and no sheets were offered at all. Because it was the transient floor, prisoners were brought in all hours of the night. From murderers to drunks and pedophiles, all of us were jammed into the same cells together. The constant hostility of BSO employees towards me and every arrested person left an image seared into my mind forever. Having never been arrested before, it was a horrific scene.

I do not have exact dates in my mind as I write, so please leave variance for such. After three days in the transient environment, I was exhausted, hungry, dirty, and freezing was picked up by the Marshals and transported to the Federal Court House. I was delirious at best and my hands and feet were shackled and bound as I entered the Federal facility. I was ushered into a holding cell, the temperature about 60 degrees, our prison clothes were a V-neck shirt and cotton pants. The benches in the cell are stainless steel, adding to the freezing environment. One of the victims commented on how cold slows down brain function. It fit the patterns of abuse thus far.

I was taken before a man named Seltzer (it is important to note that my spiritual principles allow for only one Judge of man, the Creator himself. If I do use the term “Judge” in my writings, it is NEVER intended to assert that I believe any man is my Judge.) Seltzer asked if I was aware of the charges that were being brought against me. Completely exhausted and quite frankly, in fear for my life, I proceeded to verbally attack Bertha Mitrani, the Assistant United States Attorney, who had committed multiple crimes against me and my family since 2003 to the present (see “Exculpatory Evidence”). After my outburst, I was taken from the proceeding and taken back to Broward County Jail, where I was again taken to the transient floor. The policy on the floor is one where you are on “lock-down” for about twenty of the twenty four hours in the day with four men in a 9 x 6 cell. No fresh water, no privacy for bathroom, nothing.

On the fifth day, since my being kidnapped, with virtually no sleep and constant verbal abuse from BSO employees, I had serious concerns about my safety. The pleasure the BSO employees took from both verbal and physical abuse, was something I would never have believed. I knew corruption at Broward County Jail was in existence but not the level of what my now first-hand experience revealed. Because of the enormity of my exculpatory evidence and the many “high powered” people it implicated, I felt like a direct target handed over to lions, to be destroyed. By the time the second hearing was convened at the Federal Courthouse, I was desperate to get to safety, which caused me to do something against my entire belief system.


A Big Mistake:

It was in 2003, when my in depth studies of the legal system in America began. Up to that time, I can say that I was ignorant of the procedural aspects of America law but I also knew it was a broken system. My standard for knowing this was due to my knowledge of the Scriptures. The entire premise of the bible is to reveal law, as passed down by our creator and how man was to abide by and within the parameters set by God himself. Like Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and Germany, the “laws” in America seemed to be at serious conflict, in many areas, with the law as given by the Creator himself. For instance, the law given by God says, “Love holds no record of wrongs. Love never fails.”

In the American Federal system of law, your entire past is used against you in every conceivable way possible. There is only two Spirits, darkness and light, and the contradictions between American law and Scriptural law are overwhelming. Because of the problems CAVA created, I needed to go deeper into my studies, in order to be effective in my endeavors. I will soon be creating a file to support my every belief, as for my activities in the American courts and in commerce. I will call it “Substance” for now, I will simply tell my story.

Because of my research, I came to the conclusion that all attorneys had an obligation to the Judge and the Court, and specifically NOT the client, in all legal matters. One only need read Corpus Juris Secundum, Volume 7, Section 4 to figure this out. What it reveals about the “attorney/client” relationship is terrifying. This and mountains of other research caused me to abhor any attorney who did not even know his/her own “body of law.” The ignorance of those serving as Bar Card Attorney was simply overwhelming, now that I had the knowledge to hold their feet to the fire, per say. To state that I was 100% opposed to ever becoming a client of an attorney was an understatement. It was a spiritual position for me, not a man centered position.

(Back to the second court appearance at the Federal facility)

Upon being ushered into the facility, I was sent to a small room to talk with a TIM DAY, PUBLIC DEFENDER. Tim seemed to want to impress me his “Christian” standing right from the beginning of our meeting. I immediately informed him of the multiple crimes committed against me and that I demanded an investigation in the matter. Tim, like every other attorney I had engaged since 2006, wanted nothing to do with any action against his fellow associates. Yes, the Public Defender’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office work hand in hand and are extremely considerate to each other.

I also met with Howard Shumacher that day. Howard is a high paid power attorney, sent to me by my wife’s prompting. My fact based mindset about attorneys had not shifted one bit, my fear for my life had increased dramatically at this point. Today, I would even deem my fear, an extreme lack of faith.

Five days with no sleep and constant harassment certainly skewed my perspective at that time. My one agenda with Howard was to get bonded out. Of course, no attorney can assure anything, everything is just “opinions,” yet Howard felt confident he could bond me out. Having no criminal record whatsoever and having committed no crime, I chose to believe him. Fear along with sleep deprivation caused me to go against my entire belief system, simply to get home. Worse yet, I actually relinquished $10,000 in Federal Reserve Notes to get it done.

Now having engaged Howard, I would learn the next day that I was being transferred to the Palm Beach County Jail. My outburst against Bertha Mitrani caused a biased among Seltzer, who witnessed it all. Off to Palm Beach it was.


Prison Abuse:

I was taken out of the cell at 3:30 am for the 8:00 am transfer several days later. As normal protocol goes with any and all transfers, there is a 12 am call to shave and shower, a 3:30 am call for breakfast, and finally a move to a waiting cell at around 5:30 am.

All of these moves are done via a loudspeaker that alerts the entire floor, not just the individual. On average, about four loud speaker calls a night are inevitable. With lights out at around 12:30 am and back on at around 7:00 am, sleep is a rarity. The 3:30 am daily breakfast is usually two pieces of white bread, 2 pieces of some sort of mystery meat, one piece of cheese that will not melt, and a usually rotting apple or orange. On days where bologna is not served, it is usually a two ounce portion of peanut butter with corn syrup in packets. The only beverage ever given day and night is sugar water with salt peter it. This causes lethargy in men.

Once you hit the holding cell at around 5:30 am for any transfers, you are specifically not allowed to lie down or sleep in any manner. Ice cold room, concrete seating, lights on full blast. Usually, around 8:00 am the Marshals arrive for your transport. Again, my hands and feet get shackled together; I was forced into a van, no seat belts and sped to the Palm Beach County Jail. It probably behooves me to tell you that the entire process one must endure for a court date, usually averages about fifteen minutes total of actual court time. Once the court date is finished, you have to sit in the stainless steel holding room until court closes at 5:00 p.m. Yes, a 9:00 am court appearance ending at 9:15 am causes one to have to sit in the freezing stainless steel room until 5:00 pm that evening. There are no exceptions other than court being closed early.

Upon arrival at the Palm Beach County Jail, I was again subjected to another seven hour booking process, very similar to that at BSO. I was taken to a cell at around 10:00 pm that evening and placed in an environment with 350-pound man. With court the next day, I was to get no sleep with his intense snoring. The cell door opened at 4:30 am that morning and I was taken to a small holding cell downstairs to wait for a 9:00 am court date. Upon entering the courtroom, I was greeted by Howard and about forty family members, business associates and spiritual brothers. As the hearing proceeded, Howard did an incredible job for over an hour, revealing the many lies and catching Michelle Lavoro, a CID agent for the IRS, in many direct lies on the stand. After the bond hearing heard all of the witnesses, I, along with every person in the court, knew we had won and I was bonding out. I was elated at the thought of getting out organizing my evidence and ending the witch hunt once and for all. After nearly a two hour bond hearing, Judge Johnson ordered a no bond, deeming me a risk to society and a flight risk. I was aghast at the ruling, as was every person in the room. Howard said, “I have never seen anything like this,” as did a forty year bond officer and almost every person present. I knew the cover up reached high places and I was only about to see just how high. After the hearing I was taken back to the cell and I wept for hours, the emotional price of the entire week was something that cannot be explained, lest you have experienced it.

After about four days, I was taken back to Broward County Jail. I was taken through the entire booking process again, along with three more sleepless nights in the brightly lit transient room. After the third day I was taken to the Federal Floor of the jail. On the Federal Floor, conditions were as filthy as the transient floor other than the fact that the lights went out from about 12:30 to 7:00 every night and there were only two men to a cell. This however did not stop the overcrowding of the cell block as seven to nine men on average were packed on the floors in the main room. Though this was and is a violation of the policy, the BSO employees always had the same answers, “Sue us then.” As for the Marshals who were responsible for us as Federal prisoners, their answer was always, “It’s not our jail.”

The average day at Broward County Jail looks as such. There are fifteen cells that house two men each, plus of course the six to nine extra men strewn about on the main floor. The main area outside the cell is about 20 x 30 feet and consists of seven round tables that seat four men each. There is a small TV perched up high, two small monitors to have visual visits with family and four phones. There is no comfort in any of the seating arrangements and you are ordered to be seated at all times, unless on the phone or on the personal cell. The one TV is often a breeding ground for hostility, which the BSO employees thrive on, due to racial and ethnic backgrounds. Spanish men want Spanish, non-Spanish want English and so on. There are no books or reading material offered other than bibles which themselves are hard to come by. There is no access to a law library or ability to research any material. Every day, the prisoner schedule is as such. You are locked in your cell from 10 pm to 8 am the next morning. During the night, guards visit your cell at midnight, 3:30 am and 5 am. These visits cause all the lights to go on and the loudspeaker to convey any message we might need to hear in the middle of the night. The doors that allow the BSO employees to come in and out of the block are extremely loud when they close and offer no chance of not hearing them. Breakfast is served between 3:30 am and 4:00 am. Remember, five of the seven days, breakfast consists of two pieces of stale white bread, the pieces of some sort of meat, one piece of fake cheese product and a usually rotten apple or orange. The other days consists of either some peanut butter and corn syrup or two hard boiled eggs. The same exact meal is served for lunch as for breakfast, seven days a week. At 8:00 am, the cell doors are opened which allows you to walk in the main room, however, due to overcrowding there is nowhere to walk. At 10:30 am, after lunch is served, you are locked down in your cell again until about 12:00 pm, at which time you are let out again until 2:00 pm. At 4:00 pm the doors open again for about a half hour, then dinner is served. To state that the grotesqueness of every dinner meal would do no justice, the food is horrific and often inedible, yet, you are already starving by then. The commissary that you can order is loaded with sugar and fats and there is no healthy food offered whatsoever. Couple this with the fact that you are given only a rubber bristle finger toothbrush, used by veterinarians, and no personal hygiene products, and this sums up a day at Broward County Jail! Add to this the constant verbal abuse by BSO employees and you have a bird’s eye view of what the Broward County Jail and its employees are like. Wickedness does not even begin to describe it.

After being held in this environment for about forty days past the Palm Beach County Bond hearing, I was woken up at 4:00 am for a 9:00 am transfer to the Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Miami, Before I was taken to Miami, I was dropped off at the Broward County Federal Courthouse, stuck back in the stainless steel ice box, where I waited until 1:00 pm for another prisoner being transferred to Miami. Upon arriving at the FDC facility, I was placed in another holding cell, which made the Broward facility feel like a tropical paradise. When I asked the “Correctional” officer why it was so freezing, they stated, “It’s because we don’t want you catching germs.” I would of loved to believe this but it did not quite mesh with their, ‘‘you are scum of the earth and we don’t care if you die,” mentality. I say this was their mentality because these are exactly the things they said to the inmates. The idea that the cold slowed down thinking abilities seemed far more truthful to me. Once processing started, we were strip searched, finger pricked, photographed, poked, prodded and questioned for about eight hours. The entire process that in reality, took less than an hour, caused me to not be shown to my new sleeping quarters until around 11:00 pm that evening. My forth twenty hour booking process in less than two months. Upon entering the cell, I was handed a bed roll which consisted of two stained but washed sheets, one stained blanket, one stained pillow case and two torn and stained towels. I was also given one roll of toilet paper, one toothbrush, one tube of toothpaste, one razor, a small pencil and a note pad. Every new prisoner had to go search out a pillow and a mat to lie on, as everything at FDC is feast or famine. The mats are no less than five to ten years old and are riddled with stains of every kind. To say they are infested and disgusting would do no justice. I used my two sheets simply to cover the mat, leaving only a blanket and my prison clothes for warmth. It is not enough in a 60 degree room you learn quickly not to complain as complaints only lead to the SHU. SHU is an acronym for “Solitary Housing Unit,” otherwise known as the hole. For those unfamiliar with prison lingo, the hole is a single man cell with a 24 hour lock down policy. You are confined to a 6×9 space twenty four hours a day. No phones, no e-mail, no books, nothing. Meals are served in your cell and other than that, there is no human interaction. The average time spent there for an offense such as complaining, is two weeks to a month. Both at Broward County Jail and FDC, The SHU is a favored means of intimidation by the employees. Taunting prisoners and creating environments of hostility is daily and common by the employees and they truly have a sadistic joy in carrying out the punishments that they cause.

During my first few weeks a FDC, I went into a rigorous prayer and fasting cycle, in order to determine what plan my Father in heaven had for me in all of this. As I said, the idea of using an attorney was aghast, and even more so after the fixed and manipulated bond hearing. Decisions about the lives of the captive are pre-decided and there is nothing one can do with so many high powered weapons and bars surrounding him. During my fasting, I cried out about the issue of utilizing Howard any further, as an arraignment was up and coming and I needed to know my direction. It needs to be said that during this time my wife and I created a new motto in our lives, one that is still with us and more powerful than ever. “Whatever you say, we will do.” This was our cry to God. Tell us what to do, and whether we like it or not, we will do it. We had never been in so much need in our lives and we were very serious about what we were saying. It was not a long time after this that our answer came. Powerfully and peacefully, we knew that Howard would no longer be our counsel.


My Arraignment:

The arraignment time had come. I was picked up at FDC by the Marshals at around 7:30 am and taken back to the Federal Facility in Broward. Taken back before Seltzer, I explained that I would not be using Howard anymore and that no attorney was necessary, as I had enough evidence to incriminate the prosecution and end the matter completely (see “Exculpatory Evidence” File). I apologized for ever using an attorney and admitted my mistake was based on fear; fear for my life and that I was wrong about my choice. I also made statements about the fact that there was no real party in interest and no claim upon which relief was granted and that the law deemed the entire matter a default (see “Administrative Notice” for example). Seltzer chose to ignore my claims and my demand to present exculpatory evidence that proved the crimes committed against me. Clearly, he was willing to deliberately conceal material information on behalf of the prosecution. A rescheduled hearing was established, supposedly giving me time to see new counsel. My decision had been made for me…and time, nor hell, would change my mind.

I was taken back to Broward County Jail for another round of the booking process, the transient room and the oppression. The degradation of the previous month was incredibly overwhelming. The system is built to destroy and all this before ever being deemed guilty of anything. The torturous conditions and mental bashing inside the system is unthinkable. For me, having never been arrested, and now facing accusers, proven criminals, on their turf only, was life threatening. All this and also a campaign in the public (see newspaper articles) was the culmination of five years of being hunted like an animal.

Several days after being booked back into Broward County Jail, I was again rushed out of my cell at 5:00 am, to sit downstairs on a cold concrete slab until 8:15 am, waiting for the Marshals. I was transported back to the Federal Courthouse in Broward County, back to the stainless steel, 60 degree room. At about 8:55 am, one named Chantel Doakes, of the Public Defender’s Office, introduced herself to me as my new attorney. My firing of Howard and disapproval of counsel paid for by the Plaintiffs themselves was apparently being ignored by Seltzer.

I asked Chantel specifically, “Who pays your paycheck to supposedly represent me?” She said it was not important, to which I exclaimed, “who told you that you could decide what is important to me?” She ended up confessing that it was indeed the Plaintiff in the case, “The United States of America,” that was paying her, to represent me, the supposed defendant. Yes indeed the same entity bringing supposed “charges,” would be the entity paying for the defendant’s defense. I told Chantel that it was a gross bias and even if she did think she represented me, this was grounds for her firing. I said, “Chantel, you and your entire office and its agents are fired from ever representing me in any form or fashion whatsoever.” Chantel said, that no one had ever brought up the bias, and that she agreed with the mindset I stood by and accepted her having been fired.

Several minutes later I was brought bound and shackled before Mr. Seltzer again. As the proceeding started, Seltzer announced that I, the supposed defendant was being represented by Chantel Doakes, I immediately corrected him and told him Chantel had never represented me and had specifically been told she had been fired, if she thought she represented me. Chantel then began to explain to Seltzer that we had talked and that I did not want her representation. She discussed the idea of who was paying her for the representation and the bias it created. Seltzer decided amongst himself that he would attempt to override my will and that of the Public Defender’s Office and state for his records that Chantel was my representation.

I told him in no manner would she, the Public Defender’s Office or anyone represent me and that I myself needed no representation. This caused such a ruckus between him and Chantel that he forced her to enter a plea, to which she obeyed and stated, “The defendant pleads not guilty.” I looked right at her and said, “I am certain that it is a crime what you both just did. By what authority did you just plea after being fired and agreeing to your firing?” I then said, “I have never plead in this matter, nor will I, my only position is innocent, and I want the law you are operating under that supports what just happened here.” Chantel, as I would soon become very used to, went completely silent and immediately exited the courtroom.

Ten minutes after the hearing, I was escorted into a small room where Chantel was waiting for me. I told her she had just committed perjury and fraud against me and that she had better get her own attorney as she was going to have to face the consequences of her actions. I again asked her under what law she was operating, and she said, “The Judge ordered me to do it.” I asked her for the law he was operating by, a question I would ask for the next 19 months, and no law would ever be provided.

Several weeks after that proceeding, I was again woken between 4:30 and 5:00 am and taken downstairs to wait on a 8:15 am pickup by the Marshals. Once taken to the Federal Courthouse, I was brought into a small room where Chantel and one named Nissen Marks were waiting for me. Chantel must have taken my advice as Nissen stated he was there to help. I told him Chantel was the one needing help as she had committed crimes against me by pretending to make a plea on my behalf, all while acknowledging on record that I had fired her.

Nissen attempted to assert that he would also be defending MICHAEL D. BEITER JR. I told Nissen that the merits of the case was none of my concern, but that if he believed it was me that he was representing, that he was in fact fired immediately. I looked at Chantel and told her that all of them were fired from the Public Defender’s Office and I handed her a Notice expressing as much.



At the court proceeding it was now a James Cohn presiding. Among the many things I brought up to Mr. Cohn was the overwhelming amount of evidence that I had amassed against the prosecution, as well as the crimes the Public Defender’s Office had already perpetrated against me. Cohn attempted to ignore everything I said, at which point I told him that his aiding in the deliberate concealment of material information was indeed, wrong and this was just the beginning. Chantel attempted several times to speak and as she did on record. I asserted that she did not represent me, that she had lied to me several times already and that she would never represent me. I also stated that I had not, nor would I ever be waiving any of my God given rights. They went on to waive rights anyway.

Several attempts to get me to speak to the charges and grant jurisdiction failed. Between Cohn, the Prosecution and Public Defenders, it was all like a pre-staged circus. I repeated myself over and over about having exculpatory evidence that would exonerate me and implicate Bertha, Jed and others and it was all completely ignored. Of course, to continue the circus against me, Cohn then proceeded to order a psychological evaluation against the defendant, to seek out competency. After specifically asking Cohn what one of we the people should do in his jurisdiction when crimes are committed again us, and being completely ignored every time, I knew the corruption was only going to get worse.

It behooves me to express that during this time and throughout the entire ordeal, Chantel and the Public Defender’s Office had been sending mail to my places of captivity, and I returned every single piece they ever sent me back to them unopened, return to sender. Chantel herself confessed such on record at the restitution/sentencing hearing, along with the fact that I had never spoken to them ever, about the charges, the case or the trial. I was again transferred back to Miami FDC to be re-booked again. If it seems absurd that I had to be booked every time, think of the dollars tax payers get charged for every booking that the BOP gets paid. Every time I was booked, my information was available but it was erased and reentered on the spot. Thirty minutes work that takes seven hours is seven hours of billable time to taxpayers.

Several times during the two months I was back at FDC, Chantel and Nissen attempted to meet with me. I posed only two questions to them, and would not let any of our conversation get passed my questions. “What law are you and Seltzer and Cohn using to attempt to force counsel on me against my will,” and “What law allowed you to attempt to waive my rights, when I specifically on record denied you permission, consent or consent by assent to speak on my behalf or waive any of my rights?” I received total silence from both Chantel, Nissen and another of their associates, Tim Day. To this day, no law has been provided for these and many other activities of the perpetrators.

As for the psychological evaluation, it commenced about fifteen days after my return to FDC. A female “psychologist” named Lisa came to the floor I was placed on to take me to her office. I told her I was not interested in a meeting with her to which she replied, “I am ordering you to come with me, or you will be thrown in the SHU.” The forced meeting would take place in her office and would be about two minutes of conversation, followed by one hour of me sitting alone in a side room.

The conversation consisted of some questions that I posed to Lisa like such: 1. Who pays your paycheck? 2. Whose best interest are you serving here today? 3. How is your allegiance to your employer not a bias to your supposed profession? On all of these questions, Lisa was at least forthright in her responses.

She stated that she was in fact an agent for the government and that she was under the judge’s order to evaluate. Lisa continued to try to force her questions on me after my questions to which I posed another question. “Lisa, what do you call it when a man tries to force himself on a woman when she says “no??” This ended our conversation and as I stated, I was then forced to sit alone in a side room for an hour, then asked again if I would talk, then returned to the cell. Lisa tried about three more times to force me to sit with her and none of it was to her avail. The right to remain silent does not go over well with many government employees (more on this later).

As I said earlier, both Chantel and Nissen attempted several times to visit me in FDC and every time my questions remained the same. “What law are you, Seltzer and Cohn operating by in your attempt to force counsel on me against my will.” I repeatedly caught Chantel in bold face lies and neither she nor Nissan would provide the laws, facts or precedence that supported their actions. Another of my questions that never got answered was, “What law do you say allowed you all to attempt to waive rights of mine (speedy trial, pleas etc.) without my permission, consent or consent by assent?”

Again, I received no response. Their third attempt to see me at FDC caused me to ask certain BOP employees how I might file a restraining order against Doakes and Marks. This was done right in front of them, and caused them never to return to see me again. Even all the way through trial that would be upcoming.

After about two months at FDC, the psych evaluation supposedly finished, I was again woken up at 4:00 am to be taken downstairs to wait for the Marshals. Just to give you an overview of the conduct of the Marshals will suffice, as their behavior is constant and with commitment. This group of people, really just glorified correctional officers, is the most violent and hateful bunch of people I have ever been forced to deal with. Their hatred for God and man seeps into every act and word that comes from them. They take great pleasure in harassing, ridiculing and forcefully controlling prisoners. It is very important to note that whether or not one has ever been deemed “guilty” by trial or not, the Marshals treat every person as guilty from the minute they force AK-47s in your face and read your supposed rights to you. Think about Hitler’s regime and you would not be overdoing it. They are no doubt wicked to the core and though a very very few seem to have some soul to care, their decision to participate daily in the devastating behaviors overrides any attempt at goodness.

Upon arriving back at the Broward County Federal Courthouse, a new and more hostile environment was very evident to me. Bertha, Jed, Chantel and Nissen were often huddled together in circles when I was brought into the courtroom and seething looks were often thrown my way by all of them. From the pork sandwiches they loved to order me (they were notified many times that I did not eat pork) to the verbal abuse, everything was set up to do the very thing that Sally Perez, an investigator working with and for Chantel Doakes and the Public Defenders Office, described. “Mike is struggling with his faith in God.” This comment revealed the entire scope of the whole Federal Court process. Do anything and everything to “break” a person, so they willingly accept a plea.

When Mr. Cohn began the court proceeding he asked me if I had seen a copy of “my mental evaluation.” I told him that it was his, that he had paid for it, and that I had no interest in it whatsoever. He then said I had been deemed “competent,” by Lisa, which caused me to laugh inside. Never once did I engage her to be evaluated yet she completed a 17 page evaluation. My response at this time to Cohn was, “now that you have all caught up, Chantel, Nissen, and the entire Public Defenders Office is fired from representing me in any manner whatsoever.” Of course, once again, silence filled the courtroom and the proceeding was over for the day.

After this proceeding, was perhaps the most important conversation I would have with Chantel and Nissen. In the small room at the Federal Building, I would begin to describe in detail all the crimes committed against me by Bertha, Jed, and others (see exculpatory evidence). I laid out in great detail the contents of my evidence and all of its ramifications. I reiterated the same things I had discussed with them on our brief previous meetings, but this time in great detail I discussed: A. The conspiracy to keep me from bringing exculpatory evidence to each of the four Grand Juries it took to get an indictment; B. The conspiracy to keep my exculpatory evidence from the Grand Juries when others brought it in and directly handed it to Bertha and Jed in front of the Grand Juries; C. The fact that the indictment charges were manufactured from a stacked Grand Jury; D. The fact that over the years, a local sheriff, Congressman and Attorney General were made aware, by me, of all of my activities in commerce; E. The fact that none of the above mentioned were brought into any of the four Grand Juries by Bertha or Jed; F. The mail fraud with evidence to prove it, committed by Bertha, Jed, Darci Smith and others; G. The Congressional Investigation file in my exculpatory evidence; H. The Office of the Inspector General investigation file, in my exculpatory evidence; I. The Washington Bar responses for Jed Silversmith, in my exculpatory evidence; J. The Postal investigation file in my exculpatory evidence; K. The Federal Marshals crimes against me, per Magistrate Judge Laurana Snow, in my exculpatory evidence; L. The contact with 100 United States Senators, via certified mail in my exculpatory evidence; and much more as proven in the exculpatory evidence. I ended the conversation with Chantel and Nissen by asking why none of my exculpatory evidence that was handed in to all four Grand Juries by subpoenaed parties, was in the discovery of the prosecutions. Chantel looked at me and said, “What are you talking about?” (More on this will be discussed a bit later).

Again, the exculpatory evidence has Affidavits and testimony that proves up all stated herein. Perhaps, the most shocking reality to date since my kidnapping was Chantel’s comment to me on this day in a small room at the Federal Facility. “Mr. Beiter, I am not here to do anything but answer to the charges against you.” You got it right folks, the fired attorney named Chantel Doakes, conspiring with Nissen Marks, Tim Day and the Public Defender’s Office, would never once look at or discuss anything about my story or my exculpatory evidence in front of a jury. In fact, it was quite the opposite; they do everything to keep it from the future jury, in a trial that would be predetermined before it ever started.

Several more court proceedings take place before the trial, as well as several more “bookings” back and forth, from Miami to Broward County. The key points that need be stated about the specific proceeding, are as such: A) Chantel and Cohn arguing about there being any law that would support forcing counsel on a person against their will. When Cohn overruled her I asked, “What cases are you using,” and Cohn ignored me. To this day no “order” has been put in to support his ruling at the “Feretta” hearing, and no law has ever been provided to support his actions; B) The forty minute conversation, of record that I had with Cohn, describing in great detail, my exculpatory evidence and the crimes committed against me. Cohn and Tim Day, the Public Defender present that day. completely ignored me. He never asked to see my evidence and are therefore guilty of Misprision of Felony, as well as other crimes against me; C) The fact that Nissen Marks along with Chantel Doakes, when asked, stated that the IRS has internal policy and procedure that must be followed in reference to getting a criminal indictment against someone.

When I asked them if it would be possible to go straight to criminal indictment against someone, without ever having contacted that person in any manner whatsoever, they responded, “It would be impossible.” When I expressed that I had not received any contact from anyone representing the IRS, whether personally or via mail or electronic correspondence, but rather, I received Grand Juries.

They both sat there with gaping looks. Never once did they reveal any of this, along with the other facts to Cohn or the jury in the trial; D) Cohn ruled that unless I engaged in the proceedings and testified, there could be no witnesses allowed on the defenses behalf. The right to remain silent was completely disavowed. Not one witness came forth or was called into the trial by Chantel and her team. There were many to be called upon in the exculpatory evidence, yet…much more in the way of Due Process Violations occurred, but the truth is certain crimes trump some of the lesser crimes.

It would be another couple of months before their trial would begin. I would be confined by the seventeen hour a day lock down in a Broward County jail cell until then. The terrible environment aided by grotesque food, constant verbal abuse and only one hour per week of outdoor time was punishing in every way imaginable. Everything about the Federal System and the Broward County Jail is meant to break a human soul. This fact is touted by employees of both “governmental” services, the Marshals loved to say, “have fun at Broward tonight,” knowing full well about the abuses one received while there. My sole focus was to get mentally prepared to have a trial forced upon me, with Chantel and her team pretending to represent me in front of a jury. The expected trial time was said to be up to thirty days. For me, this meant thirty days straight of no more than two hours sleep a night and fourteen hour days, freezing cold going through a trial. As the “newspaper articles” will reveal, the prosecutions public display stated that I was being held captive and for potentially 100 years or more.

As with every trial, the beginning phase is jury deliberation. About sixty people are invited to be questioned for potential seats on the jury. A series of questions, mainly asked by Cohn, was posed to each member of the jury poll. Anyone who professed God over government, which several did were immediately removed from the pool by Cohn himself. His words to the God fearing were I quote, “In this country, our laws are higher than any religious law.” I was completely taken back at this comment even though I already was well aware that no one in this system of “law” was God fearing in any manner whatsoever.

One particular juror caught my attention immediately. For reasons I cannot explain, other than a supernatural understanding. This lady was revealed to me as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She expressed vehemently how she hated the IRS. She went on and on about how they ruined her life. Surely, when the prosecutions got to remove certain jurors, she would be gone in a heartbeat right? Wrong, Cohn decided that she should be on the jury, overriding the prosecution.

The attempt of Cohn’s to do such was immediately revealed to me when this happened. She was a government plant. Of course it would look “fair” to have put her on a jury and it would look especially fair if she agreed that I was guilty. After all, if she hated the IRS and even she stated I was guilty, who could disagree right? During the trial, it became even more apparent with each passing day. The “daggers in her eyes,” could not begin to do justice to the looks of contempt I received from her, and her alone, throughout the proceeding. This along with a big smile on her face when the verdict was read confirmed all I needed to know. You may be thinking I am only speculating. Have you looked at each page of the exculpatory evidence yet?



Once the full jury was selected by the judge and others, deliberations were set to begin. Heading into the actual trial, the constant firing of Chantel and cohorts on record caused several other things to transpire before trial began. The prosecution, who formerly withheld all of my exculpatory evidence from four Grand Juries and the discovery itself once they kidnapped me, now miraculously, would bring every volume into the trial, a move obviously discussed between prosecution and defense beforehand. Their scape goat would be, and as later proven, that they could say all of the exculpatory evidence was a part of the trial, yet, neither the defense nor the prosecution would ever reference it in front of the jury during trial. Over 640 megabytes of information that proved my innocence and none of it discussed in front of the jury ever.

It made it so easy for a future figure named Dimitrouleas to state that the exculpatory evidence was put in the case and therefore viewed by the jury and part of their decision in their verdict. Yes indeed it was planned out very well. As for the trial, it has already been stated that all witnesses were for the prosecution alone. Almost every word spoken in the trial was in favor of the prosecution position, as it was their paid witnesses testifying- people whom I had never known or done ministry or business with, telling a jury what my supposed intent was.

I having never been to law school or having taken their bar exams came out looking like a legal scholar by this point because every time, and yes it was every time, I told Cohn I did not understand his intent of proceedings, the prosecution simply asked him to rule for the record that I did understand and Cohn obliged. Of course, Doakes and her cohorts never protested. The few times the defense did object were overwhelmingly struck down by Cohn. As for witnesses called in by the prosecution who were known to me, only one caused me harm and this by lying.

He was facing time if he did not lie against me and received no jail time by lying to help the prosecution. He was known as a “rat” or “snitch” in prison terms. As for the paid “experts” for the United States, not one of them broached any subjects that where not discussed openly by me in public for years. For six months I even had a radio show called “Bridging the Gap,” that openly discussed my entire belief system and what I did over the years.

Of course, the prosecution had to put these into discovery, but once again, the defense never brought any of this up in front of the jury in any fashion whatsoever. As for the charges brought in the case they revolved around the following: A) Impeding the IRS and their collection efforts. Not for myself personally, but their snitch; B) Evasion of taxes, though never once did they contact me in any civil proceeding or any manner whatsoever; C) Bogus Trusts. Trusts that for years I attempted to sit and discuss with them as the exculpatory evidence proves; D) Fictitious Obligations of the United States. Obligations that even their own expert said were not intended to counterfeit U.S. instruments. Obligations sent directly to the Governor, Sheriff, etc., from the first instance by me. I cannot begin to explain how horrific the supposed defense was in cross examining any of the prosecution’s witnesses. I can only convey the words of Chantel Doakes, given to Cohn on record when she often discussed “not understanding the tax issues at hand, nor the aspects of what this case needed to defend”. One would think she might have protested when Cohn ordered against her ability to bring in expert witnesses to help her, but she seemed not to mind, as she said nothing nor did anything about Cohn’s ruling.

Not only was the entire defense team clueless about the issues of the trial, but as sad was their attempt to play role in front of the jury as if they had actually prepared for the trial. They allowed the “experts” from the prosecution, whom again have never met me, explain what I intended with my work. Yes, mind reading is permitted in Cohn’s court. It was so bad, one could not begin to explain the enormity of their conspiracy to withhold the truth from the jury, but I offer a small example.

A supposedly damning piece of evidence against me was an e-mail that the prosecution said I sent to a former client of mine. In the e-mail, I was purported to write things like, “The IRS will never find out,” and “The IRS can’t touch us.” Unfortunately, even after laughing and telling Chantel the e-mail address was never mine and I had never sent e-mails that said “Mike said,” in third person, Chantel never once questioned the legitimacy of the e-mails.

Yes, like I said, e-mails that said, “Mike said the IRS can’t touch us,” from an e-mail that was never used by myself, was read to the jury as “direct statements” of mine with no resistance from Chantel and her team. As for the bulk of the tax charges, the snitch was a former client of mine named Rick Hardee. I had met Rick in late 2005 and had a business and personal relationship with him until early 2008. Rich had a bout thirteen years previous to meeting me, been in a legal battle with the IRS. This was openly discussed by Rick since my time meeting him, but my business was not about taxes or tax advice, so it was no concern of mine. He himself discussed his views about tax laws being fraud upon the people and how he did not believe he was obliged to pay a private corporation called Internal Revenue Service Inc. part of his labor wages. I myself did not share all of his views but many I did and my business was nonpublic contracts, so none of his views or mine was what our direct business would be about.

Nonpublic contracts have always been a right of man, a God given right, yet in my business, it was beneficial to have it clearly stated in the Constitution of America. Article 1 Section 10 to be specific, wherein it states that any impairment of contracts between men was unconstitutional. It also helped that the courts themselves heavily upheld this this Constitutional Mandate. What else would Governors, Senators and Billionaires use but blind trusts right? The case law saved them millions every year by avoidance, not evasion. Rick needed proper Estate planning and this was the area of business where I excelled. As for his finances, I sent him to a CPA who had over forty years’ experience, previously working for Price Water-house, as well as a tax master specialist attorney, who handled every dime of his money.

The prosecution cut Rick a deal that if he testified that it was my idea that he not pay taxes, though he had decided this ten to thirteen years before meeting me, they would then make life easier for him. In essence, those ten to thirteen years were cleared up for him, and he would only be tried for the years he knew me, and also most likely not see jail time. This was a sweetheart deal for Rick and he took it. As Rick’s was testifying something amazing happened to me.

That still small voice that guides spoke to me. “Mike, do you still love Rick and his family?” the voice said. “Yes,” was my internal answer. “Then tell him, the voice said. Within two minutes of this, Cohn cleared out the jury and Rick, for the first time, looked at me face to face. I said, “I love you Rick, I forgive you.” If words could express his countenance at that moment, I would give them to you. I will only use his words as he lifted his head back up and looked at me and said, “I love you too.” I forgive Rick Hardee. I pray for his blessings often.

It behooves me to mention, though it was shoddy attempt nonetheless, that Chantel actually said something to Rick that shook the prosecution. “Why are the CPA and Attorney, who handled your money not indicted, but only Mike,” (paraphrasing mine). Rick had no answer for this and the prosecution on the jury break, actually asked Cohn to keep Chantel from mentioning that point in front of the jury again to which Cohn obliged.

Yes indeed, why was I and not the licensed professionals who handled Rick’s money indicted? I believe a thorough overview of my exculpatory evidence will answer for you. Yes indeed as stated before, Chantel was fully informed that the governor, sheriff and attorney general were notified by me of my every action in regards to the alleged charge. Like my eleven year old son has said, “Who would commit a crime and notify all the people you did as you were committing the crimes?” Exactly son, exactly.

So the mockery called a trial was wrapping up and all that what really left was closing arguments. To say that Chantel’s defense was a travesty of justice would give the impression justice was even around that day. It pained me to watch a woman, supposedly a “Christian woman,” go through an almost year long process of admitting to me she knew she did not represent me, and then going in front of a jury pretending like she did.

I often asked myself what, if any conscience this woman had. I still feel sorry for her. Judgment comes from God, not man, and her day is coming. Of course, jury deliberations were less than an hour and of course the outcome of such was obvious. My exculpatory evidence alone according to a document expert, would have taken over one hundred hours just to get a onetime view of it. This would have meant the whole trial, the actual time in trial, would not have been enough, if just looking at my exculpatory evidence. I don’t think the 1 hour deliberation for sentencing was enough.


Guilty on All Counts:

Of course it was guilty on all counts. Cover up upon cover up, I was guilty from the first writing (see “Exculpatory Evidence”) wherein no one would meet or discuss any of it, or why it was happening. I don’t use case law, as it is colorable (de facto) and can be interpreted different in courts across the land.

The problem is attorneys, judges and all under an Oath of Office claimed it is law. Honest services in their world would require an honest attempt to use the best case law to aid their clients and/or the public from retaliatory prosecution. My exculpatory evidence is loaded with Affidavits and my requests to meet those under oath, met with silence every time.

Here are two of their case laws that I think they conveniently attempted to forget about: A) “Indeed, no more than (affidavits) is necessary to make the prima facie case,” U.S. v KIS, 658 F.2d, 526, 536 (7th Cir. 1981); Cert. Denied, 50 U.S. L.W. 2169; S. Ct. March 22, 1982; B) “Silence or fraudulent concealment can be a basis for Fraud but only where there is a legal or moral duty to speak or when an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading.”

U.S. v. Prudden, 424 F.2d 1021, 1032 (5th Cir. 1970), Cert. Denied 400 U.S. 831, 453, 91 S. CT 62, 27 L. Ed. Zd 62 (1971). (Emphasis added). You get the point.

After the verdict, there would be only two hearings left; the sentencing and the restitution hearings. Heading in to both of these, I was mentally as best as one could be after a torturous year, prepared to hear the worst. A few surprises were still in store but of course, to the benefit of the prosecution every time. In the sentencing hearing, a document called the Presentencing Investigation Report or “PSI,” was used to calculate the time one could serve. Everything from one’s past can and will cause negative points to the added and therefore, time added.

To say it was a mockery would be an understatement. Points were added for not participating in the PSI process yet the right to remain silent was supposed to be in effect. Deductions were made during deliberations, but the math was very similar to ex-President George Bush’s; very fuzzy indeed. Inevitably, a man never arrested or in trouble of any sort for the previous forty years of his live, yes that’s me. I was given a ten year prison sentence. The PSI report ended up scoring out to the equivalent of an armed career criminal.

The restitution hearing was just as bizarre in that none was requested. That’s right taxpayers, it was the government’s position that I robbed you “everybody pays but the cheats, right?” They required nothing back for you. They spent millions of your dollars getting their vendetta fulfilled, and you did not get one penny of restitution for it. Would it shock you to know that I filed for every year and never had a personal problem with IRS filings?


Details 3: Between the Trials