The perpetrators are putting across a new story that after all my years of history, attempting to get a meeting with ANYONE in the Federal Government, I then went right to their doorstop to create crimes!

Details 3: Between the Trials

(originally written in 2013)

Two more booking processes between Broward County and Miami FDC would complete the process after the Restitution Hearing. Having not slept for more than 3 hours a night for almost one year had taken its toll. This with the lack of sun and terrible non-food that was served caused me to lose much of my hair and suffer physical ailments as well. About three months after the final hearing, I was designated to the Prison Camp in Estill, SC. After going through so much, it was a relief to know I was going to a place that allowed one to be outside for a good portion of the day and from what I heard, the abuse was far less than what I had endured.

The journey to Estill however, was equal to and even worse than my previous experiences. I would now learn what was known as “diesel therapy” among Federal prisoners. One morning at 2:30 am, I was told to get up and get ready to leave. I was taken downstairs to wait until about 5:00 am and then both my hands and feet were shackled. The hand shackles are bound to waist shackles so your hand movement is limited to about 6 inches in any direction.

This of course is the way it would be for a sixteen hour bus ride. The bus seats are of course stainless steel with absolutely no ability to rest your head anywhere. It is a brutal treatment and meant to be so. After arriving in Tallahassee, again a lengthy booking process ensued. It was about two after getting to bed that I was woken up again and told I was going to Atlanta. Another nine hour bus ride began and upon arrival at Atlanta, another eight hour booking process.

The Atlanta penitentiary cannot even be described unless you have experienced it. Horrific does not even begin to explain it. Suffice it to say, I was there for five days, on lock-down 24/7. People go crazy on 24/7 lock-down and I understand why. It is cruel beyond reason. It is no doubt murder of a soul and those who support it and allow it are as guilty as those who murder to get there. Remember that all Federal prisoners who don’t get bonded out, whether innocent or guilty are forced into these situations of destruction and harsh cruelty.

After five days, I was again loaded into a bus and transported to Estill, SC. To be able to walk outside and feel the sun made one weep. I wept quite a bit my first couple of days there. The camp was like a military setup. Open bays with five men per bay in a 10 x 10 area. Though it was tight, it was not a cell and there was no lock-downs. You could be outside from 6:00 am to 8:30 pm every day. Yes, it was still prison but after my experience, I was grateful. I go into a daily routine of writing a lot. I had written over three hundred devotionals over the year and am having them edited and made into a devotional book called “Suffer Well-Devotions Tempered in the Furnace of Affliction.” My entire experience and the revelations revealed to me within it, by God himself are expressed within the devotional. I hope to have it published very soon, as I now have written over four hundred pieces.

The thing that made Estill the most bearable, was the lengthy visits I was able to have with my wife and four children. Over the previous year, I was only able to see them a total of twenty four hours and this in one hour spurts. I can say without a doubt, the Federal System uses the wedge they put between families in every conceivable way. It’s part of their created plan to add pain to fear so they can mass produce plea agreements and fill the coffers. Spending time with my wife and children brought life back to my weary bones. I thank God for every moment I shared with them.

About three months after my arrival at Estill, I was called up to the front office and told to “pack out.” Knowing the amount of corruption that was covered up, I had a glimmer of hope that someone stepped up to do the lawful and correct thing and stop the vendetta against me. Maybe, just maybe, I was going home. I immediately e-mailed my wife, Donna, to tell her what was going on.

For about two hours I walked around with a great stirring in my soul. None of the Officers would tell me why I was packing out, so I simply prayed it would be for my freedom. When I finally got a hold of Donna, she had looked at “Pacer,” a Federal System to look at cases and she had found I had been indicted again on other charges. After everything I had been through, I was being shipped back to Miami to face new charges trumped up by Bertha, Jed and their cohorts.

It behooves me to mention that at around this same time, I received an e-mail from Donna that an appeal had been done on the first case and the appeal was denied. I had no idea an appeal was being done, nor by who, as I had received nothing in the mail or notice in any manner whatsoever. It did not surprise me one bit when I found out it was Chantel Doakes, Federal Public Defender, along with two new associates of hers that brought forth the appeal. Information on this is being vetted as I write so I will not go into details about her appeal, but I can tell you for sure it stinks like Conspiracy and Misprision of Felony.

Once again, I was being booked back into Broward County Jail to face the perpetrators on their home turf, for an entirely new matter. If you view the “Administrative Notice” file, you can see relative and current information in regards to what has been labeled “Beiter 2” by the perpetrators. Because I am gathering even more evidence to support the reality of a vendetta, I will not reveal everything about the new issue, but there are things that will help you to understand how egregious this new issue is.

Summing it up, the perpetrators are putting across a new story that after all my years of history, attempting to get a meeting with ANYONE in the Federal Government, I then went right to their doorstop to create crimes!  That’s right, the new indictment alleges that I committed crimes right at the United States Treasury’s doorstep, knowing and willfully. You, the people are my jury. I will let you decide.


Part 4: “Beiter 2” and the 35 Year Prison Sentence