Summary Statement from Michael


Below is a summary of my case, and within it I do “name names”.  I originally prepared this summary in 2013 with the desire to get not only justice, but also retribution.  No longer.  There is no going back, and truth be told I have long forgiven all of these people.  The only reason I “name names” is because it was actual people, not just a system, that did this to me and my family, and in order to prove my legal innocence I must present actual evidence, not just stories, and so I do.   That said, I am to blame for how I vilified those who persecuted me, treating them as wicked and even irredeemable by our Mighty Father in Heaven.   On the “So Rightly Wrong” page in the About section of this website, I publicly apologize to the “United States Government and All of its Agents” for the way that I acted improperly throughout this whole ordeal.   I pray that they all forgive me.

There is no need for me to explain every document contained within the exculpatory evidence that proves what I state below to be true.   I will simply state facts and let the evidence speak for itself.

1 Never did I, nor have I to this day, knowingly and willfully commit any criminal acts, as defined by the United States of America;

2. All of my actions since the beginning of the first Grand Jury are overwhelmingly supported by the laws of the United States of America;

3 I made more than 100 attempts to meet with one or more of the following parties; the United States Attorney’s Office, the Governor, the Attorney General, the FBI, the Office of the Inspector General, the Post Master, Congressman Cliff Stearns, more than 100 Senators, the IRS and more. No one would meet with me to discuss “why” Grand Juries had formed, due to my supposed criminal acts;

4. Assistant United States Attorney Bertha Mitrani supported and covered up illegal acts perpetrated by Darci Smith, CID for the IRS;

5.Darci Smith and several of her cohorts committed the following crimes;

Mail Fraud


Witness Tampering

Violations of Oath of Office

More than Twenty Violations of Congressional Law


Lying to the Grand Jury;

Deliberately Concealing Material Information from the Grand Jury

Committing Perjury while Under Oath;

Multiple Other Crimes

6. Jed Silversmith, Attorney out of Washington D.C., Supported and covered up illegal acts by both Bertha Mitrani and Darci Smith;

7. R. Alexander Acosta, United States Attorney (now retired) as well as other servants in the United States Attorney’s Office, conspired to support Bertha, Jed and Darci;

8. Attorney General Bill McCollum conspired to cover up the crimes committed by Bertha, Jed, Darci, and others;

9. Congressman Cliff Stearns of Ocala conspired to cover up the crimes committed by Bertha, Darci, Jed and others;

10. Post Master John (Jack) Potter (no longer Post Master), conspired to cover up crimes committed by Bertha, Jed, Darci and others;

11. William Bordley and other officials with “Freedom of Information,” failed and refused to answer multiple Freedom of Information Act requests, demanded by me;

12. Kenneth Kaiser, a top IRS official, conspired to cover up and conceal crimes perpetrated by his underling, Darci Smith;

13. My local Sheriff, Attorney General, and Governor sent everything I was participating in with certified mail. I notified at least three “law” officials every time I produced work, which I was later charged and indicted for. This fact was hidden from four Grand Juries. It took four to get an indictment;

14. Many of the original copies that I sent to the Sheriff, Attorney General and Governor were sent back to me stating things like, “We have no place to file these.”

15. Several Grand Jurors sat on more than one of the four Grand Juries;

16. Many of my friends, business partners, and family members were threatened, physically and mentally, by Bertha Mitrani, Darci Smith and Michelle Lavoro.   Darci Smith’s replacement. Ms. Lavoro, also conspired to support Bertha Mitrani by violation of her Oath of Office, lying while under sworn oath, violating over twenty Congressional laws and more;

17. All my attempts to appear before the Grand Jury were hidden from the Grand Jury;

18. Exculpatory evidence that would clearly exonerate me was concealed from the Grand Jury by Bertha Mitrani, Jed Silversmith, and Darci Smith. Later, Michelle Lavoro would also participate;

19. Mail Fraud was committed by the United States Attorney’s Office;

20. The United States Post Office covered up crimes committed by Bertha, Jed, and the United States Attorney’s Office;

21. The Office of the Inspector General covered up crimes by Bertha, Jed, and the United States Attorney’s Office;

22. Both the Florida and Washington Bars covered up crimes committed by Bertha, Jed, and the United States Attorney’s Office;

23. I was beaten and accosted by eight United States Marshalls, prompted by the FBI and Magistrate Judge Snow;

24. Multiple other crimes.


Evidence Files