Government Abuses

 Here is a short summary of the literal atrocities that Michael and his family suffered at the hands of government agents and those cooperating with them:

  • Malicious prosecution by the IRS and DOJ, as well as persecution from the Federal Courts, the Attorney General, U.S. Marshalls, and others
  • Multiple physical beatings while in custody by eight different U.S. Marshals at the prompting of the FBI and a U.S. Magistrate
  • Mail fraud by the IRS and U.S. Attorney General
  • Witness tampering by the IRS
  • Violations of oath of office by the IRS
  • Lying to the grand jury by the IRS
  • Deliberately concealing material evidence from the grand jury by the IRS
  • Perjury by the IRS
  • Forcing counsel on Michael against his will by two federal judges (elaborated below)
  • More than twenty violations of Congressional law by the IRS
  • Cover-ups by the IRS, DOJ, the Attorney General, Congressmen, the Office of the Inspector General, the Florida and Washington DC Bar Associations, the Florida Sheriffs Office, and others


We must also inform you that Michael was offered a plea “deal” before the first trial began that would have limited his punishment to just a two-year prison sentence and minimal restitution. Because he has not committed any of the crimes for which he was accused, Michael refused to bear false witness.

In addition, the public defenders in both cases openly admitted on record that they had no legal basis to represent Michael after he refused their representation based on conflicts of interest.  Both were forced by the presiding judges to plea on his behalf, against his clearly expressed wishes, under the threat of being fired by the public defenders office.  Not only did they illegally represent Michael, but they refused to report the crimes being committed against him to the proper authorities.

Michael’s refusal to plea to crimes that he was and still is certain that he did not commit, resulted in two sentences totaling 35 years.  These sentences were also stacked, rather than allowed to be served concurrently.

If he had been willing to submit and lie, then the government was content with him only serving two years, but because he was not, Michael was given a virtual death sentence.