“It’s unfair that our system will rip apart a family and a man’s life over money, when murderers face half the amount of time my Dad is still facing.  I can’t imagine him being gone for another 20 years!”

–  Josh Beiter


A Personal Letter from Michael’s 20 year old son, Josh:


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for caring about my family…

My name is Joshua Michael Beiter. I am 20 years old, live in Florida, and am proudly the second born of 5 siblings.

I have an older brother Michaiah, who is 21. Saige and Eliana are the names of my sisters, they are 18 and 16. Two beautiful girls who are progressing super-well in high-school. I have a half-brother named Lawson who is 6 years old and just starting kindergarten. My Mom, Donna, has proven to me that love knows no limits. She is a true warrior! My Dad’s name is Michael Beiter Jr.

About 12 years ago, on my sister Eliana’s 6th birthday, our family’s life was changed forever. My Dad was arrested and taken into custody that day. He was a very hard-working man, and more importantly the greatest father. Just like any other family we had our setbacks, but that never overtook the love we shared. I was too young at the time to understand what was going on and even where my Dad was. I remember being a child having to go into courtrooms, prison visits every weekend (before they sent him very far from us), seeing my Dad chained up, and losing the guidance that I so very much needed. To this day I’m not even sure why he was arrested and torn from our family….

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It’s been 12 years since he was taken. After my Dad was arrested we lost everything. Our house, cars, money, and more importantly our peace. From the age of 8 even to now I was always moving and so I never got the comfort and security I needed as a child, and neither did my siblings. I remember living in my grandparent’s basement as my Mom home-schooled us because we had nowhere to go or stay. I remember being a kid who thought that there was no meaning to life as I was ripped from every spot I got comfortable in. Over the years we moved about 15 times between friends and family member’s houses. I’m blessed to say now that I’ve been born again and practice my faith every day. Peace and Joy is always the answer! Every day I pray my Dad will be reunited with us and now I’m reaching out in faith to you to ask for your help.

What I do know about my Dad’s case is that he was arrested for “tax evasion”, but the court never had any proof of what he was doing that was wrong. I even heard that they told him that no one has ever been charged the way he was for his case. They gave him 35 years in federal prison for crimes he did not commit. They had no proof against him for anything illegal.

Friends of my Dad built this website about him and his case. Within these pages is everything you need to know, it just remains waiting to be seen and acted upon by the right person or people. All of the facts and evidence about how he was brought down illegally and more are here. I believe the court judge had even said that there is no real charge over him. They made an example out of my Dad because of the truths that he was exposing within the corrupt system, what President Trump so accurately calls “the swamp”.

A deep anger has rested inside me for too long now due to the way everything was done. Seeing my Dad go through this stuff even now tears down my soul. I miss him greatly and wish to be with him soon.

Please take the time to go through this website and consider the factors of everything here. We all need him home. My Dad was never a bad man, and has become even greater and more rooted in integrity and honor over the last 12 years than any other person I know of. Even from far away, and with such limited contact, Dad has taught me more about life and truth then any school ever could. I can’t imagine him being gone for another 20 years! To me it’s unfair that our system will rip apart a family and a man’s life over money, when murderers face half the amount of time my Dad is still facing.

My Dad also has written an entire year of devotionals, poured out of him by the Holy Spirit, expressing both the anguish and joy he experienced in his first year or so imprisoned. Friends of his put them on a website too, SufferWell.org. He is very spiritual and has guided me better than even some fathers who are at home with their children. As hard as all of this has been, truthfully I wouldn’t want a thing in the world to change about our story and legacy. BUT I do passionately seek the day my Dad will be free and he can be our full-time father again.

As I write this letter I hope and pray that it will touch your heart. It’s time to bring my Dad home and restore what’s been taken and lost.

Thank you for your time and consideration. It goes beyond anything I could ever hope for.

Again, my name is Joshua Michael Beiter and I pray peace be with you. Thank you.

The Brave At Heart,

Joshua Beiter





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From Michael to His Ex-Wife and Children:


To Donna:  I am so sorry Donna. Our divorce was my fault. Something I never would have wanted, and yet I caused. The destruction of our family was my fault.  It was fitting that the many silent tears cried over my years of solitary confinement, were over the loss of my wife for whom I cared. It is true that I could have never been who I am today without such severe punishment, but I always wanted to love you with pure love. I was incapable.  I’m sorry I didn’t love without fail. I failed utterly and of the many prices I paid, the loss of us was the most painful. The most devastating. I will always miss you as my wife Donna. I will always consider you my life’s love. Even before you were the mother of our four glorious children, there was just you. The one who took my breath away and stole my heart from the first glance. You were first and you always be first. I’m sorry. Forgive me. It may seem a little silly at this point, but now that I have lived and know and have walked in the sixteen pillars of love, I can say without a doubt, you always be the love of my life.


To My Children:  I cannot begin to express how humbled I am by who the four of you have become. Again, it was my job to teach you about love and forgiveness and yet it was you who taught me. You never accused me. You never expressed an ounce of anger towards me. Only pure love. You listened, you shared, you cried with me, and you forgave. You became a huge source of my strength and comfort while devastation sat at your doorstep for so long. Devastation I caused. You had the right to blame me, instead you forgave. You loved instead. Though you had many difficult times, trying to understand why your world was shattered, you endured, you rose higher and you not only survived, you thrived. The four of you are my mark of Yahweh’s extreme favor and mercy. When I struggled to forgive myself, your forgiveness was my guide. You already know this, but I say so everyone knows. I’m so sorry that my pride and arrogance caused the destruction of our family. I’m so sorry that your mom was left with four young children and no idea how she would do it all on her own. I’m so sorry I missed dances and sports and birthdays; everything. Daily hugs, laughs, tenderness. I’m so sorry for everything. Forgive me.